How to Winterize Your Golf Cart

The North Carolina winters, especially those here at the beach, can be surprisingly cold and bitter. It’s a time of year where most outdoor activities are limited, and that includes cruising around in your golf cart.

Since most people don’t use their golf carts during winter, we thought it might be helpful to discuss how to properly care for and store your golf cart during the colder months. This process is known as winterization and it can go a long way toward protecting your golf cart and making sure it is ready to ride come spring.


1. Give it a good cleaning.

The first step to winterizing your golf cart is to clean it up. The better you clean it now, the less you’ll have to clean when spring arrives. You can use soap and warm water, along with a degreaser or golf cart cleaning process, to get all the gunk and grime off.


2. Park it where you want it.

Before moving forward with winterization, you’ll want to go ahead and move your golf cart to whenever it is going to be stored all winter. If you don’t do it now, you will have to manually push it into place after completing the winterization process.

It’s best to park your cart in an indoor, climate-controlled storage area but, if you must park it outside, be sure to use a secure cart cover. Finally, after parking, put the cart in neutral, release the parking brake, and block the tires to keep the cart from rolling.


3. Tune up the engine.

If you have a gas-powered golf cart - replace its fuel, oil, and air filters, and change the oil, before storing your cart for winter. Check your spark plug and install a new one if necessary. Finally, check all of your other fluids and top them up as needed.


4. Drain the fuel tank.

Gas left in your golf cart all winter can gum up the fuel lines and clog up the fuel tank.  Drain the gas and run your engine until there is no gas left. If your cart has a shut-off valve, put it in the “off” position.

If not, disconnect the fuel line from the tank. Get the last little bit of gas out by loosening the bottom screw on the carburetor bowl, and then tighten the gas cap to finish.


5. Disconnect your battery.

Disconnecting your battery can prevent electrical problems from occurring while your cart is in storage. After disconnecting, make sure to clean your terminal connections and coat them with an anti-corrosion gel. If you have them, remove your battery caps before checking the water inside each battery cell and filling with distilled water as needed.


6. Check your tires.

If they are old and worn out, go ahead and replace them! If they’re still in good shape, make sure your tire pressure is at the correct level. This will help ensure your tires keep their shape and stay strong throughout winter.


7. Check your brakes.

Last but not least, check your brakes to make sure they are in good shape, and clean off any brake dust or residue while you’re at it. Now is a great time to replace your brakes as well!

And remember, while you’re winterizing your golf cart, keep an eye out for smaller issues like loose notes, broken bolts, or missing screws. These things may seem unimportant, but they can cause serious issues down the road.

If you need help winterizing your golf cart, or are just looking for a great place to get your golf cart serviced in Carolina Beach, NC, give us a call at 910-707-0926!

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