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Where to Park Your Golf Cart: Carolina Beach & Kure Beach

Whether you're a Carolina or Kure Beach resident or are just renting a golf cart for your beach vacation, it’s important to become familiar with the parking laws and options in your area. 

In North Carolina, we consider a golf cart a motor vehicle and subject to all the same rules and regulations that govern motor vehicles. However, certain parking rules and permit options differ from town to town.


To drive your golf cart around Carolina Beach, you’ll want to get a golf cart permit from Carolina Beach Town Hall. During the permit process, you will be required to sign a statement acknowledging that you have read and understand the town’s laws about golf cart usage ( sections 16-75 and 16-76 ). 

NOTE: According to the Carolina Beach, NC website, a “golf cart” does not have to have a state license plate nor a state vehicle registration. Meanwhile, a “low speed vehicle” is a golf cart WITH an NC license plate and vehicle registration.

Upon receiving the permit and attaching it to the left, driver's front area of the golf cart, you cannot ride your cart around town, but you will also be able to park in any town parking space where annual vehicle parking permits are valid. Carolina Beach also has several spaces uniquely designated for golf cart parking, so keep your eyes peeled!

Remember, Carolina Beach golf cart permits expire on December 31 every year, and someone must purchase annual permits.

Low-speed vehicles (see NOTE above) that DO NOT have a permit must pay the posted hourly or daily rates to park in any regular or golf cart-specific parking spaces.

But where are the best places to park your golf cart at Carolina Beach?

You have several options. Town-operated parking lots and metered parking spaces are available year round. Paid parking is in place between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. from March 1 to October 31 and between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. from November 1 to February 28/29. Any parking outside of those hours is FREE. 

Your golf cart parking permit will work at any of these Carolina Beach-operated parking lots

  • North Pier Lot (1810 Canal Dr.) – gravel lot on right before Freeman Park entrance
  • Canal Lot (1708 Canal Dr.) – paved lot on right 3 blocks before Freeman Park entrance
  • Sand Piper Lot (100 Sand Piper Ln.) – paved lot between Canal Dr. & Carolina Beach Ave. N. with no parking after 9 p.m. & nearby restroom & beach shower facilities
  • Harbor Master Lot (309 Carolina Beach Ave. N.) – gravel lot between Canal Dr. & Carolina Beach Ave. N.
  • Fisherman Lot (218 Canal Dr.) – paved lot next to Canal Dr. Scotchman
  • Weeks Lot (110 Carl Winner Dr.) – gravel lot next to Town Marina well-suited for oversized vehicles & nearby restroom & beach shower facilities
  • Marina Lot (209 Canal Dr.) – paved lot across from Town Marina at corner of Carl Winner Ave. & Myrtle Ave.
  • Town Hall Lot (207 Canal Dr.) – paved lot at Canal Drive behind McDonalds
  • Palms Lot (205 Canal Dr.) – paved lot at corner of Canal Dr. & Harper Ave.
  • Hamlet Lot (107 Woody Hewett Ave.) – paved beach-access lot on Hamlet Ave.
  • Shell Lot (100 Atlanta Ave.) – paved lot on Atlanta Ave. across from the lake
  • Alabama Lot (1622 S. Lake Park Blvd.) – paved lot across the street from beach access with restroom & beach shower facilities

Non-permit low speed vehicles (see NOTE above) can park at the following single-space parking meter lots and pay the hourly rates:

  • Atlanta Ave. Meter Lot (200 Atlanta Ave.) – 15-space lot in front of Hang Ten Grill
  • Tennessee Ave. Meter Lot (1 Tennessee Ave.) – 18-space lot at beach access with nearby restroom
  • Ocean Blvd. Meter Lot (1 Ocean Blvd.) – 19-space lot at beach access with nearby restroom
  • South Carolina Ave. Meter Lot (1 South Carolina Ave.) – 7-space lot at beach access with nearby restroom
  • Texas Ave. Meter Lot (1 Texas Ave.) – 4-space lot at beach access with nearby restroom
  • Alabama Ave. Meter Lot (1 Alabama Ave.) – 16-space lot at beach access.

Low-speed vehicles (see NOTE above) can also pay for street parking at the following locations:

  • North End Meters – street ends at beach access along Carolina Beach Ave. N.
  • Harper Ave. Meters – along Harper Ave. on east side of Lake Park Blvd.
  • Hamlet Ave. Meters – along Hamlet Ave. on east side of Lake Park Blvd.
  • South End Meters – street ends at beach access along Carolina Beach Ave. S.


To drive and park legally around Kure Beach, your golf cart must be tagged and licensed like any regular motor vehicle. But currently, Kure Beach has no fee for operating a licensed and insured cart within its city limits.

Contrary to popular belief, owners of state-registered golf carts are NOT required to buy a Carolina Beach registration permit to drive and park in Kure Beach. However, golf cart owners who live in Kure Beach and wish to purchase a parking permit can do so for the $20 Resident and Property Owner Seasonal Permit rate.

First, you must send an application to the Town of Kure Beach. Then, you will receive instructions directing you to the Premium Parking website , where you can finish registering your license plate and get your permit.

Once your plate is registered in the Premium Parking system, you are done! The permit is virtual, enforced by license plate scans. Need more help? Check out the Kure Beach website for information about the Kure Beach parking permit registration process.

But where are the best places to park your golf cart around Kure Beach?

Paid parking is in effect between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. from April 1 to September 30. Any parking outside of those hours is FREE. Visitors, guests, and those without a parking permit can pay for parking at physical pay stations, through the Premium Parking map page or app , or by texting PARK to 504504 and entering the location number posted on the parking spot sign.

NOTE: Non-Kure Beach residents and visitors can purchase a seasonal parking pass for $200 on the Premium Parking website.

Designated parking spaces are available on the south side of K Ave. from Fort Fisher to Atlantic Ave. These spaces include 30 minutes of FREE parking for customers. Click here to reserve your Kure Beach parking spot before you arrive.


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