Meet Our New Partner: Advanced EV

SunFun Rentals has a new partner! Based out of Rosenberg, TX, Advanced EV produces an impressive line of golf cars with special features to maximize power, speed, and safety. With over 35 years of industry experience, Advanced EV has incorporated all of the best golf cart features into their AEV golf car lineup.

Here are some of the key benefits Advanced...

July 4th Activities in Carolina Beach

Nothing’s better than heading down to Pleasure Island to enjoy all that Carolina Beach and Kure Beach have to offer during the summer, especially on holidays. Our 4th of July celebrations here in Southeastern North Carolina are legendary and feature a ton of great events that everyone in the family can enjoy.

After being canceled last year during the...

5 Signs Your Golf Cart Battery Needs Replacing

Whether you use your golf cart on the course or for something else entirely, it would be a pretty big bummer to be riding around and suddenly have your cart stop dead. Not only would it be inconvenient to get your golf cart back home, but figuring out just what’s wrong can be a real pain as well.

While there are many reasons a golf cart could suddenly...

5 Uses for Golf Carts That Don’t Involve Golf

Golf carts make it easy and convenient to get around the course, but did you know that they’re useful for other activities as well?

If you’re not a golfer, but think a golf cart could be useful to you, then you’ve come to the right place.

These alternative uses for golf carts are a great, cost-efficient, and energy-efficient way to do...

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